Hand It Over: On Giving Daily Anxiety To Jesus

We have a lot to be anxious about these days. The coronavirus pandemic has affected each individual in different ways: people are losing their jobs, losing their health, losing their feeling of security. People are worried and they have good reason, because this is a very serious situation that has taken over our world and … More Hand It Over: On Giving Daily Anxiety To Jesus

The Art Of Kindness

So I met a guy — No, not that kind of guy. Not a love interest, head-over-heels guy. A friendly, professional guy who just so happened to attend a work conference I planned the last eight months of my life. During the middle of the conference this weekend, when I was at my most frazzled … More The Art Of Kindness

“Yes And Amen.”

TVC Dallas’ head pastor often says. Steve Hardin is a man marked by the fruit of the Spirit, I have never met someone kinder or more genuine than him. Though he doesn’t speak from the pulpit often, even in casual conversation, he goes, “And what do we say? Yes and amen.” I don’t say “yes” … More “Yes And Amen.”