The Gift Of Adoption: On Lessons My Parents Teach Me

Today is my Gotcha Day.

My Gotcha Day is the day that my parents adopted me — exactly 24 years ago. A lot of life has happened over the course of those 24 years, plenty of good, some bad, and definitely those moments in-between.

But I am not here to talk about the good, bad or even the moments in-between.

I am here to tell you about my parents, the ones who took me into their home and call me their own, the ones who love and encourage and protect and cherish me. The ones who make me a better person and friend and daughter and Christ Follower. I am here to tell you what they teach me and how they shape me into becoming the woman I want to be.

Sweet Denise teaches me:

  1. Trust Jesus and everything else will fall into place. Every morning my mother wakes up early and spends time with Jesus. She prays for my brothers and I, her friends and the rest of our family. The way she trusts Jesus moves people, she knows Jesus is her best friend and he will care for her, even when times are tough.
  2. Loving others above yourself is beautifully sacrificial. My mom has placed my brothers and I above herself time and time again. She seeks our needs and desires above her own. And she does not expect a “thank you,” even though she deserves a million.
  3. You can be kind and scrappy at the same time. Sweet Denise is the perfect balance of sweet and sassy. She loves others but also knows when to stand her ground.

Dear Tim teaches me:

  1. Knowing Scripture is knowing Jesus. My dad is the smartest man I know, and that applies to his spiritual walk as well. He knows the Bible like the back of his hand, which makes him know and love Jesus deeper.
  2. Music is good for the soul. No one has shown me the power of music the way Dear Tim has. His love for music has inspired me to become a closet singer-songwriter like him, too.
  3. Making others laugh helps them feel loved. Even though I pretend to hate his dad jokes, my father always knows how to make people laugh. It makes others feel welcome and included.

My story would be drastically different without my parents.

No two people have loved me deeper and known me more than Sweet Denise and Dear Tim. They inspire, move and push me. They teach me so many things without them even realizing it.

I am abundantly grateful The Lord chose them to be my parents so many years ago. I am utterly blessed to call them my parents, to know them as my own. It is a wonderful thing to love and be loved by them.



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