Getaway Recap: Denver

I went to Denver this weekend.

It was a reunion with my long, lost Chinese sisters — gals who I was adopted with who were adopted by other families across the U.S.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend — lots of hopping to and from places. At times it was exhausting, but all the time it was life-giving to be around my oldest friends.

Here are this weekend’s highlights:

  • Breckenridge– we spent most of Saturday morning wandering around “Breck” (as our Denver-native sister Beth calls it). Lots of shops and restaurants and hiking. The weather was amazing and this little Texan was loving the nip in the air.
  • Star Kitchen– after a lot of debate and a last-minute cancellation, we wound up at Star Kitchen for dinner. They have a huge menu and lots of seating. Super yummy, super fun!
  • South Pearl Street Market– Sunday morning we happened upon this market in the Pearl St. neighborhood. There were so many vendors of all different types (food, clothing, jewelry, goods, etc.) and the weather was perfect (again).
  • Menya Ramen– Sunday afternoon we ate at Menya before some of us had to part ways. I had a spicy chicken ramen bowl, my mouth was on fire but it was happy, too.
  • Skyline Beer Garden– after Menya, we wandered around and happened upon this beer garden in the center of downtown. There were lots of yummy beers and yard games. It was shaded and lovely.
  • Denver Milk Market– after leaving my sisters, I got to see my sweet cousin Alyssa, who took me to the Milk Market. It was an open-floor concept with a lot of little restaurants, businesses and seating. It was very cool and I had a yummy oat milk latte and a fried chicken sandwich later on.

I had the best time.

As this was my fourth visit to Denver, it’s definitely not new to me, yet I still discover new finds every time I go.

It was also the best being surrounded by my sisters, who know me so well and love me so deeply. It was fun seeing each other after so many years apart, but they are always like family to me.

10/10 recommend Denver as a reunion destination with your oldest friends. It will not disappoint!

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