Getaway Recap: Portland + The Oregon Coast

This weekend was the best.

Instead of the usual routine of sleeping in, climbing and vegetating on my couch, I spent Saturday through Monday in Portland, Oregon with Sweet Denise — aka my mom.

It was so nice to get away from Dallas, the heat and some big-time stress at my job. It was so nice to get in some quality time with the woman I adore, who loves me and guides me and calls me her own.

Let me break down the weekend for you.

We ate/drank:

  • Voodoo Doughnuts– they’re quirky, creative and great for a photo op. I got the chocolate peanut butter one — of course.
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters– highly recommend their cappuccinos, Sweet Denise and I each had one and it paired well with my Voodoo Doughnut.
  • Bear Creek Cafe– After a lot of driving and little food that morning, I was just on the brink of hanger (hunger and anger). This tiny cafe is quite literally in the middle of nowhere served Sweet Denise a yummy grilled cheese sammy and I ate a delicious mac and cheese (yes, I am an actual child).
  • Locks Waterfront Grill– located right on the water, Sweet Denise and I split a great burger and some crunchy fries. I was all about it.

My favorite: Mo’s Seafood and Chowder– perhaps it was the long day of travel, or perhaps it was the food, but I think this was my favorite meal. I had some yummy, fried cod and the crunchiest fries in the history of ever.

My runner-up: Cascade Brewing Barrel House– also after a long day of travel but at an awkward time of the day, Sweet Denise and I ordered appetizers and Portland Ales. She got pimiento cheese and pretzel chips, and I had a large pretzel and my first ever beer cheese soup (which is surprisingly tasty and not at all gross).

We explored:

  • Seaside– we stayed in this beach town on Saturday night, where we walked along Broadway with lots of cute shops and restaurants. It was practically out of a Nicholas Sparks book.
  • Cannon Beach– our first stop Sunday morning, we saw the famous Haystack Rock. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit underwhelmed…but it was still beautiful and fascinating!
  • Depoe Bay– maybe the best surprise of the trip, we saw a whale!!!…Kind of. In the middle of the rain, we pulled over and got to see the whale’s spray through its blowhole.

My favorite: Ecola State Park– also along the coast, this state park is covered in tall, moss-covered trees. We visited early in the morning when there was a fresh breeze and hardly anyone else there. There was an incredible scene at the top of a viewpoint that absolutely took my breath away.

My runner-up: The waterfalls along the Columbia River (including Multnomah)– also breathtaking and wonderful, we visited most of the falls along the Historic Highway 30 just outside of Portland. There was beauty in every corner and I loved taking it all in.

And also worth mentioning:

  • Tillamook Creamery– we didn’t really eat and we didn’t really explore, but we did take some free samples and use their restrooms. It was massive and impressive, but also overwhelming.
  • Powell’s Book Store– definitely worth mentioning and visiting, the largest bookstore I have ever been to. It’s well-marked and well-taken care of. It’s every book-lover’s dream.

It was a full weekend.

And I hit the hay hard last night when we got back, but I am so glad we went and had fun and enjoyed the cooler weather and ate good food and drank good drinks and did cool things.

I am blessed to have Sweet Denise who enjoys travel and adventure just as much as me! I can’t wait to see all the mother-daughter trips we will have in the future.

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