I’d App That: Sky Scanner

Flights are damn expensive.

But Thank God for Apps, am I right? Lately I’ve fallen for Sky Scanner, a flight tracking app my homeboy Doug recommended.

It’s amazing.

You select a to/from destination or airport, ideal travel dates and which cabin. The app/site pulls up the best deals in order from least to most expensive. You can also see reviews and ratings. It will directly link you to the provider’s site so you can book immediately.

If you’re not ready to book, you can “watch” a flight to see if prices go down. Or you can set alerts for all flights to this destination in your desired time frame.

Don’t have a timeline or place? No problem!

You can browse “recommendations for you.” Based on your preferences and tracked flights, Sky Scanner pulls up ideal locations, dates and prices tailored to your needs. My recs are currently to Munich and Prague, as I’m trying to escape the country next year.

You can also click “everywhere.” This opens up great deals in the near future both stateside and abroad.

What makes it so great?

Firstly, it’s user-friendly. I’m thinking even Sweet Denise, my not-so-tech savvy mama, can navigate it easily. The interface is simple, clean and oh-so-convenient.

Secondly, you can find more than just flights. There are also hotel and car rental tabs. While I personally haven’t checked those out, I’m assuming the convenience and simplicity transfers over to those features as well.

Lastly, it saves time and money, two things we young millennials plagued with wanderlust do not have to spare. I constantly run to and from errand to work to church to climbing, so it’s hard for me to find time to plan trips.

But the display of multiple flights on one screen in addition to frequent alerts help me navigate the often cumbersome task of scoring the best travel deals.

Do you have a favorite travel app? Comment below or find @maelynium on Gram. Would love to find some more!

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