is a movie.

It’s written and directed by Josh Radnor, who you likely know as How I Met Your Mother’s Ted.

At the very end, Malin Akerman’s character talks about a cab driver who says our birthright is bliss and the way to receive it is gratitude.

We do this by acknowledging we’re happy, thank whoever or whatever we believe in, and ask for “more please.”

I don’t think we have a birthright to bliss.

In my eyes, we are not created to be happy, but called to be holy. It’s a freaking hard concept to place truth in and to pursue, but that’s simply how I choose to walk.

But happythankyoumoreplease is still a nice idea. Still a way of life.



I’m happy where I am and where I work and what I do.

Perhaps most importantly, I’m happy with who I love — my roommate, my family, my friends, my fellow believers, my Forest Lane folks.

Familiar and unfamiliar faces I drive past, climb alongside, sip coffee across the room with. Strange places and strange faces I may never see again yet love as if they are my favorite place and very best friend.


I thank Jesus, but you may thank Buddha or Brahma or Mohammed. You may thank the sun or moon or destiny or fate.

I thank my Creator, who built me with my disorder and blessed me with this life I live. I thank my Father, who loves me unconditionally even when I throw pity parties.


I want more. I want more good things and less bad. I want more beauty and less hurricanes. I want more kindness and less hate. I want more peace and less White Supremacy.

I want more puppies and less cats. I want more texts from the guy I met and less from my prodigal friend. I want more tacos and less brussellsprouts. I want more vacation days and less cramps when I eat gluten.

I’m happy. I’m thankful. And I want more, please.

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